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Holy Registry Hell

You’re having twins! Now what? Once the initial excitement wears off, panic might set in. You realize you need STUFF – and lots of it.

And not just a few things, a bunch of things.  Registering terrified me. I guess it’s because I’m a procrastinator who doesn’t like change.  Setting foot in a baby store was a reality check – these nuggets aren’t staying in me forever, and I need to start preparing.  I was clueless.  Do I just register for two of everything? That seems like a lot.  Too much.  My house can’t handle it.  My brain can’t handle it. There were things I registered for that I never took out of the box.  There were items that other moms swore they couldn’t live without. Everyone is different.  There were a lot of things I depended on day in and day out, total must-haves in my opinion.

With a twin registry, I think it helps to be more selective on what you add to your list. You need doubles of a few big things, and your stroller will probably cost more than a single stroller. So pick wisely. Instead of filling up your registry with small, inexpensive items, focus on big ticket items that you don’t want to shell out for. People love going in on group gifts, don’t they? OK, who cares, it’s your registry. I did my entire registry from my couch.  I don’t think I walked through the front door of Babies R Us until after they were born. It worked for me.

I almost forgot! The ultimate registry guide is Baby Bargains- make sure you buy the latest version so it has the newest strollers and furniture reviewed.

Here is my personal list of recommendations, enjoy!


my favorite shower gift- thanks Nori!

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Twin Must-haves

  • Furniture / Nursery
    • Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (Original not the Mini so you can fit two infants in there)
      • Loved this, it kept them so close during the first 2-3 months. It butts right up to your bed. Then, it converts to a Pack-n-Play that we still have set up at my sister’s house for naps over there.  Don’t forget to buy the leg extensions if your bed is on the taller size.  We never physically strapped this to my mattress, it barely moved and I liked sliding it around my room so I could make my bed in the morning.
    • An extra changing table – for your room initially, then eventually move to a family room or play room
      • This was extremely helpful, even after the babies moved out of our room.  When I’d hear one baby waking up from their nap, I would run in and get him like a special ops Navy Seal, and then change him in the family room.  It also serves as a great gathering area for all the baby stuff that invades every inch of your house.  We have this setup in their play room now and still use it every time we change them.  Their heads hit the one side while their feet rest on the other, its time for us to move on but its just so convenient.
    • Nursery furniture: We have two cribs, a dresser that had a changing table on top, and a taller 5 drawer chest.  We never once used the changing table on top of the dresser.  For some reason, we never change them in their room.  The 5 drawer chest we ordered after the other furniture, I didn’t think I’d need it and boy was I wrong. I didn’t think we’d have room but we made it fit.
    • Pack-n-Play: I had the Graco Kensington twin bassinet- Amazon just showed there is a newer one out now but it might just be a fabric change.  I had this out in my family room for when they would nap out there.  I could definitely see this being helpful if you have a two story house (mine is a ranch so we are all nice and close).This is great for traveling. It’s bigger then a standard pack-n-play, so the sheets are different.  My mom had this Graco TotBloc Playyard at her house that she inherited from my Aunt & Uncle and the boys LOVED it… it kept them busy for hours and it was huge.
    • Video monitor: Love the Summer Infant Baby Touch but I am sure there are many more to choose from now. Two cameras are helpful.  We stopped using it between 12-18 months, but I hear we will need it again once we move to big-boy beds.
    • Sound monitor: A nice backup for the video one.  It’s the only one we use now that the boys are older.  We have a Graco one.  It works pretty good- does not even come close to 2,000 ft like they advertise.  I think they have some newer ones out now.
    • Sound machine: We still use this, especially if we have people over and want to drown out voices.  The Graco Sweet Slumber is cheap, basic, and easy to use. It doesn’t get super loud but we didn’t need it to.
    • Wipe warmer
    • Diaper Genie: A must have, but the refills get expensive when they get older and the diapers get bigger.  I just heard about this new Ubbi Steel Pail that uses kitchen bags. You can even go green and use a reusable bag.. if you are up for it.
    • Easy zip crib sheets- We used Clouds & Stars, once you change your fancy matching crib sheets a few times, you’ll want these immediately.
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