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my children are the reason i get up in the morning… and the reason i drink at night

about this blog

I have been wanting to start a blog since my twins were born.  I kept thinking about all the little hints, tips and lessons learned that got me through those early, long days – and how I should write everything down because I knew one day they would come in handy.  Since now I know a few moms out there expecting twins (including my bestest Shannon), I figured it is time to finally sit down and gather all my thoughts.  Some stuff might be specifically twin related, but hopefully some is helpful to all mommas out there just trying to keep cool, stay calm, and occasionally shower.

If only a fraction of this comes in handy, it’s better than nothing.  Because I could tell you one thing: Googling, baby forums, and pregnancy don’t mix.  That was a terrifying combination for me.  I still only use the internet as a last resort and try to use books as my primary references.  My sister just asked me this week “How do we get him to stop yelling NO at us???”,  I replied, “Not sure, I have to go home and read about it”.  Too funny.. if only that could really solve the problem of an unruly toddler.

Disclaimer: I am a terrible writer, so please excuse any grammatical errors, spelling, or words used out of context.  I inherited a math/science brain from my dad, and daily struggles include trying to determine which theretheir, or they’re to use.

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