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It’s potty time!

on September 18, 2013

It has been way to long since my last post. We’ve accomplished a lot, including potty training and a new baby! I actually started this post over a month ago and never finished.

I saw one of my friends was potty training her little boy who is about a month older than my twins. I started grilling her (are you used to it yet Jenny?), and then saw someone wrote on one of her posts about The Potty Boot Camp. I looked it up right away, saw how many good reviews it got, and immediately bought it on my Kindle app on my iPhone. It was a quick and easy read and even had charts to help you figure out the routine the first few days- which my analytical brain loved. I highly recommend it. It is a definitely a balls-to-the-walls approach; totally worked for me but then again, I was strapped for time and had a new baby coming in a few weeks. The thing I loved most about this author was that she said that most people will say potty training will happen when your child is ready, but this method is all about doing it when YOU are ready. Kids adapt, and they are very intelligent. Be prepared to sacrifice a few days at home, one-on-one with your kids (and maybe a few couches covered in plastic); it’s totally doable.

b3 showing the undies

b3 showing the undies

Two at once was a challenge, and I was once again amazed at how different my boys are. One adapted very quickly; bribing with M&Ms instantly clicked with him. My other son was a little more difficult; he may have had less physical control at first, because it took him a few more days to catch on. This was disheartening, especially because he saw his brother getting rewarded constantly, and had no idea why he wasn’t getting anything. I did slip him some chocolate now and then just to keep my own spirits up.

To prep for the big day, I rolled up all the area rugs around my house (luckily we have all hardwood and tile), and lined our couch with waterproof pads and put a big sheet over it so the boys couldn’t throw them. I had two little toilets in the bathroom and a toilet seat on the regular toilet. I put these out a few days in advance just so they weren’t caught off guard.

The days were long and intense (mostly because you are stuck home), but by the third or fourth day we were pretty much in the clear. Now, only three months later, they are pros.

Some potty buying tips:

  • Get simple potties. All the bells and whistles (like crazy noises when they pee or flush) just seemed like they distracted them even more. I had two of the BABYBJORN Potty Chairs, they were easy to clean and got the job done.
  • Eventually, cleaning out the little kid potty gets annoying, so the last few weeks I have made them go on the regular toilet. We have a few at our families’ homes, so they got to ‘test drive’ a few. I found them to be most comfortable on theĀ Graco Contour Potty Ring.
  • I bought a portable potty that I only used once on the beach (Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Portable Potty). The nice thing about this is that you can throw the top ring part in your diaper bag for when you are public restrooms. Your child won’t feel like he is falling in the toilet.

Twin tips:

  • Be ready for one to catch on before the other. One kid may just have more muscle control that the other. I am not a doctor, I have no idea how that actually works. But I know that three months later, he still sometimes leaks a little and then has to sprint to the potty.
  • It is tough, but try to keep your “bribes”, or else they will see through you! Kids are smart. And manipulative.
  • If one catches on before the other, have him or her help motivate and cheer the other child. My one son that caught on quick was joining me on cheering on my other son, which was so cute and at least showed that he wanted his brother to get rewarded to.
  • Do what you can to have them sit on that toilet until something happens. They were watching short movies on my iPad, which we had to stop doing after the first day because then they never wanted to get off the potty.

Naps and sleep..what to do? I kept their underwear always on, and put a diaper right over the underwear for the first few weeks so they could feel themselves wet. Once they consistently woke up dry, I stopped using the diapers. Every kid is different, and some may have to wear diapers while sleeping for a while.

They are just starting to learn to pee standing up (and they call it “pee backwards” haha), which is just adding to all the cleaning up fun.

I am so thrilled to have it over and done with. It meant no more beach trips with soggy, sand filled diapers. I am back to buying diapers because of the new baby, but one is better than three. It was definitely tough, but like every big parenting move, WE SURVIVED.

May the porcelain gods be ever in your favor.

a very naked summer

a very naked summer

6 Responses to “It’s potty time!”

  1. Jillian says:

    How old were they when you started the pottu training?

      • Jillian says:

        My boys are 20 months and we just finished day 2 of the “boot camp”. They did great today, only 3 accidents and all of those from one boy when he would get distracted. Here’s my issue: they dont tell me that theyre going potty, they just go sit on the thing and go. So what happens when the potties go back in the bathroom? (Theyre in the living room now) And what about when we go out places? Do we take the potty or hust go get the portable potty thing? They arent big enough for a regular toilet. And how do I get them to tell me they need to go? I got a couple of the plastic underwear things and I figure Ill put those on over their undies the first couple of trips out just to be safe and not have a ruined car seat that they have to ride home in. Thanks in advance for the advice!

        • Christine says:

          I would try to move the potties into the bathroom asap, and keep bringing them ever half hour. We didn’t venture out for the first week, but after that I just brought the toilet seat topper and did the same thing, brought them almost every 45 minutes just to be sure. I put those small waterproof baby lap pads on their carseats but they never had a problem because I was so afraid to go anywhere far with them for the first few weeks. My parents took them for a 3 hour car ride after about a month, and just put the potty in the back of their SUV. About half thru the ride they just got out on the side of the road and peed in the potty that was sitting in the trunk area, weird but it worked. It took them over a month, maybe even more, to begin actually telling me that had to go. The beginning was just me constantly bringing them, whether they needed to or not.

        • Christine says:

          And definitely the first few times we ventured out I put a pull up over their underwear. They hated the wet feeling so that worked really well.

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