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It’s in the bag: Our favorite on-the-go items

on May 31, 2013

There is nothing easy about traveling with babies, especially when there are more than one. After 26 months and a few major fails (out to eat and realize holy crap we forgot their pacifiers), I think we’ve finally got our diaper bag act together. We even have a specific place we keep it: on the counter in our laundry room so you have to walk passed it to go to our garage; it is almost impossible to forget. And when it isn’t left there, we still do leave without it.

Besides from the obvious diaper bag gear, here are some of our twin diaper bag favorites:

    • Changing gear:
      • Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser: clips right on your bag. Useful when you have no where to throw a dirty diaper out, or if you don’t want to just throw a smelly diaper in your friend’s kitchen garbage
      • Disposable changing pad: I like using these in public restrooms instead of my usual changing pad, sometimes those Koala stations are gross
      • Vera Bradley’s Ditty Bag: We bought this bag for our mom one year for Mother’s day because on the Vera Bradley website, it looked like a nice big laundry bag you could easily bring on a trip with you. It turns out, it was too small for her liking, so I “returned” it and just kept it for myself. It is a great waterproof bag for throwing the kids dirty bibs, clothes, and anything wet.
    • Wipes: Regular wipes, face wipes, Clorox wipes, even Boogie Wipes if you are going through a cold (they are much softer and easier to wipe up crusty boogers)
    • Infant feeding gear: Powder singles (we used the Similac ones) and two extra empty little bottles (4 oz)
    • Toddler feeding gear: Take-n-toss cups, forks and spoons, plastic bibs, those disposable bibs for when your forget your plastic bibs at home in the washing machine (always), disposable sticker placemats for restaurants
    • Baby care: Nail clippers, thermometer, medicine (I try to keep children’s Tylenol, Advil and Benedryl on me all the time just in case)… summer time don’t forget sunscreen and baby powder for wet sticky skin and for a water-free way of getting sand off their feet
    • Snacks! Keep a few lollipops in there for those real emergencies
    • Busy gear: Crayons, paper, stickers, etc… We keep a few Thomas trains in there, and also can never make it through a restaurant meal without their LeapPad2s
    • Outlet covers: These came in handy when the boys were just starting to walk and explore everything. I have a small ziploc with about 5 or 6 in them, I don’t use them anymore but I was using them a lot when we’d set up their pack-n-play’s at someones house and an outlet was nearby

Car essentials:

  • An extra sleeve of diapers: With twins we go through diapers twice as fast, and I hate carrying around more than 4, they take up too much room. So I use my emergency stash in the trunk a lot. We also have thrown with them a disposable changing pad and a sample wipe packet for emergency diaper changes. We’ve had to use it a few times when we forgot the diaper bag.
  • Extra clothes: I never replenish the clothes after I steal from the stash, so this is always a fail for me. But it makes sense, especially in the summer months when they are playing outside and get wet
  • Sunblock

Tip: Use Ziplocs! I am a Ziploc queen. My diaper bag is filled with different bags and sizes. I try to keep each little bag organized by a category (meal stuff, wipes, medicine, etc…), but I usually have to redo them every few months. If I am running into the mall and I know we aren’t going to be eating, I take out the feeding baggy and also the medicine baggy, and ta-da: my bag about 5 lbs lighter. You still have that stuff available in case you really need it, but you don’t have to lug it around for a few hours. Also, I keep a few plastic grocery bags tucked in a pocket. I learned this from someone in Disney World, so now I keep a few in my stroller basket as well. We were always accumulating stuff (and wet clothes), and having a few extra bags handy never hurts. Especially when your diaper bag is bursting at the seams with stuff you picked up a long your day.

What are your essentials? Leave comments below, I am always interested in the latest and greatest diaper bag additions!

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