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A pickled kitchen: my obsession with vinegar

on April 21, 2013

I know I get made fun of for my obsession with white vinegar, but this is too easy not to share! I hate using Windex and other cleaners around the kids, especially places where they eat and play. I use the Clorox Green Works line as much as I can in the kitchen, but it is pricier than standard cleaners- and there are still some unpronounceable ingredients in it. I made this DIY cleaner this morning, and wiped down my entire kitchen with a few sprays. It worked on my glass table (not one streak), granite counter tops (shiny and no filmy residue) my stainless steel fridge (I sprayed it and wiped it dry to avoid streaking on the stainless steel) and stove.

If you haven’t ever been, the Environmental Working Group always has amazing information about everything from food to sunblocks, definitely check it out.¬†They also have a great app as a quick reference for buying organic.

DIY Vinegar Cleaner

EWG’s DIY Vinegar Cleaner

I don’t know anyone who wipes down their windows with newspapers (what?), but paper towels worked just fine.

I started using Palmolive’s Ultra Pure + Clear dishwashing soap when I had the boys, I liked it for cleaning out their bottles and baby stuff. I was a huge fan of scented dish soaps before that, but there was something about the combo of ‘green apple’ and Similac that made me want to vom. Palmolive has an Ultra Baby soap, same exact ingredients, and sometimes double the price (don’t get me started on Dreft…).
Happy cleaning!

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