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Why two really are better than one

on March 12, 2013

I have probably done a great deal of scaring some people with my twin momma stories. But I wanted to take some time to list out the amazing benefits of having two bundles of joy!

  1. One pregnancy – Let’s start with the obvious: nine months, two babies. I didn’t mind being pregnant, but I was definitely excited to NOT be pregnant anymore. In nine months, we achieve what most mothers nowadays accomplish in a three year span- having two children.
  2. Husband involvement – Dads really don’t have a choice but to be involved with twins. There was no alternating night feedings throughout those first few months- we were both up every three hours, Boppys on our laps, feeding the babies. I had a c-section and was out of commission for the first 24 hours, and apparently the nurses were putting my husband through baby boot camp. He had to show me how to change their diapers and swaddle them up. The nurses even made him bathe them. And he was not messing with those ladies, they totally outnumbered him. It was amazing. From that point on, I knew we’d be a great team. He has been completely involved in every aspect of taking care of them since their first few minutes. He still gives them baths every night. I still have the final say on dressing them when venturing out in public.
  3. Routine, routine, routine – Twins forced us to follow a schedule and stay organized. Without that, you would have no time to get things done.  And when I say ‘things’, I don’t mean getting manis / pedis; I mean like eating and showering. Same thing for naps and bedtime. You will have a very hard time rocking two babies to sleep every night, so odds are they are going to get used to falling asleep on their own. This is a beautiful thing.
  4. One is always on our side – This goes from the infant stage to the crazy tantrum toddler phase. I have at least one happy baby (well, most of the time). The only hard part is that whatever one is cranky, tired, or sick is either glued to my side or I get stuck dealing with. This is especially fun at parties and outings. And dads, grandmas, etc… get the easy one. That’s just the way it goes with being a mom. We do always pick out a ‘baby of the week’, but once the boys start comprehending what that means, we might have to end the competition (or just not talk about it).
  5. Mommy and me… and me too! – With twins, it’s difficult to join those mommy and me play groups, gym clubs, etc…  But honestly, thats okay. Kids managed for decades without group activities at early ages. We all survived. And most moms do these types of activities with their first kid and skip them for the rest of their kids. Even I will admit (as the lovely oldest child) that usually the younger siblings turn out fine and are equally, if not more, well rounded. So if you need an excuse to go out and interact with other moms- that is one thing. But I don’t think skipping the ‘mommy and me jazzercise class’ is really detrimental to your one year olds’ social life. And if your husband is home on the weekends, try to join one then. The class I am most interested in is swim lessons, and I may have found a weekend volunteer for that one.
  6. Sharing – Twins are all too familiar with sharing. They can get two of the same exact toy, and not play with it much  But get them two different toys, and I promise you there will be a war over one of them. On that note, they are familiar with fighting. This may be frustrating, but it is nice to know that no one is going to bully them ophoto 2n the playground. I think they learned to tackle each other at 10 months.
  7. Monkey see, monkey do – Since the boys started cleaning up their toys, this has really come in handy. If I ask them to clean up, the ‘one that is on my side’ at the moment will listen and I immediately start praising him. Once the other guys sees this, guess what he’s doing? No way is he going to let his brother get all the attention. Similar to “sharing”, this has its good sides and bad. When launching a bowl of cereal from a highchair gets attention, good or bad, odds are the other one is going to try it. It’s okay though, that’s why you have a dog (if you don’t, get one immediately before moving onto solid foods).
  8. Two kids, one wardrobe – This only applies when you have two same-sex kids.  But having them in almost the same size makes dressing them easy. Their wardrobe is only slightly bigger than a single child’s.  The only thing I double up on are pajamas and undershirts. When you leave the house, you really only need to pack one spare outfit in your diaper bag. Speaking of diapers, they are always in the same size which simplifies logistics.
  9. Feeling accomplished – At the end of every day, when everyone is fed, my house is clean, the laundry is done, clothes are laid out for the next day, lunch is packed, and the boys room is silent … I can sit with a glass of wine and think “holy **** did I deserve this”. One baby would be too easy. And once you get the hang of it, your family runs like a well-oiled machine.
  10. A best friend for life – Your twins will always have each other. They might drive each other nuts, but guess who they are looking for when they aren’t around? Not mommy or daddy, but their brother.

Not double trouble, but twice blessed♥


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