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Check out this mom’s best parenting advice ever.

on March 15, 2013

This is an amazing article, especially for twin mommas. I always prided myself on being independent and self-sufficient, so letting go and leaning on others was difficult for me. I have a master’s degree in engineering, how could I buckle under the stress of two infants? It took me a few weeks days to realize I couldn’t handle it all on my own. My husband is a landscaper and his season started back up just when the twins were born, so he was literally out the door an hour after we got home from the hospital and was gone the next few months from sunrise to sunset. The lack of sleep mixed with some crazy post-baby hormones were starting to get to me. I needed help!

Do you know what the worst advice is for new parents? “Cherish these moments, these are the best days of your life”. Yes, we might have fond memories of those early days now (It’s been twenty-four months, I am still not there yet), but saying that is like a slap in the face. I remember thinking “Jesus, if this is as good as it gets, I’m totally screwed”. It does get better. I guess parents of singletons have it a little easier, so maybe they have fonder memories. I remember walking the boys at only four weeks old around the mall, and a stranger approached me and said, “Enjoy them now, because once they get mobile, your life is over”. I glared at him. Dude, sorry that you have to get off the couch to prevent your two-year old from getting into the wine cabinet, which by the way, your wife probably asked you to put a child lock on anyway. I have the best time with my almost two-year olds. We enjoy so much together: eating full meals, battling over Henry and Gordon, chatting about the moth on the screen who they’re calling a butterfly, watching movies on the couch with one blanket… they’re my posse. Toddlers are tough, but they do amazing things to remind you that they get it. They hug and kiss, and say “I love you”. They help you realize that there is a return on your investment. And they let you sleep. It gets better, it really does.

Friends and family are always ready and willing to support you. So go ahead and ask for help. I needed it. We all do.

Here’s the article: Lisa Belkin: The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received (

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it”

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  1. Together with a baby, a mother is born, and her life is inextricably tangled with the baby’s life (lives). Because of this bond, you know far more about the little one than anyone else does. So trust in your instinct in the face of whatever or whomever. You know what’s best instinctively and you will be educating yourself about this for the rest of your life as your roles change, nurturer, nurse, teacher, confidant, etc. but dont forget to be kind to yourself on this long journey. Your best is always good enough. Let kindness prevail. Also, babies are far tougher than we think. Hone your logic. Look for clues. Follow cause to effect. Be a mom detective, it gets easier. Talk to others who have children. Learn from the positive and negative lessons. And most of all don’t lose the position of boss as baby grows up. They will have many friends but only one mom. (This goes for Dads too.)

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