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Holy Registry Hell

on March 6, 2013

You’re having twins! Now what? Once the initial excitement wears off, panic might set in. You realize you need STUFF – and lots of it.

And not just a few things, a bunch of things.  Registering terrified me. I guess it’s because I’m a procrastinator who doesn’t like change.  Setting foot in a baby store was a reality check – these nuggets aren’t staying in me forever, and I need to start preparing.  I was clueless.  Do I just register for two of everything? That seems like a lot.  Too much.  My house can’t handle it.  My brain can’t handle it. There were things I registered for that I never took out of the box.  There were items that other moms swore they couldn’t live without. Everyone is different.  There were a lot of things I depended on day in and day out, total must-haves in my opinion.

With a twin registry, I think it helps to be more selective on what you add to your list. You need doubles of a few big things, and your stroller will probably cost more than a single stroller. So pick wisely. Instead of filling up your registry with small, inexpensive items, focus on big ticket items that you don’t want to shell out for. People love going in on group gifts, don’t they? OK, who cares, it’s your registry. I did my entire registry from my couch.  I don’t think I walked through the front door of Babies R Us until after they were born. It worked for me.

I almost forgot! The ultimate registry guide is Baby Bargains- make sure you buy the latest version so it has the newest strollers and furniture reviewed.

Here is my personal list of recommendations, enjoy!


my favorite shower gift- thanks Nori!

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